Friends to say something is casual for any human being, but to feel something from the heart and then say something has a very great impact and a everlasting effect on the heart and souls of people. Words are not important, that is words do not represent the true feelings of the heart, but understanding to read in between the lines is the essence of it and finally silence is the ultimate virtue.

Half the world is composed of people
who have something to say and can’t
and the other half who have nothing
to say and keep on saying it

Robert Frost

Either you repeat the same
conventional doctrines
everybody is saying or else
you say something true and it
will sound like it’s from Neptune

Noam Chomsky

The true genius shudders
at incompleteness – and
usually prefers silence
to saying something which is
not everything it should be

Edgar Allan Poe

Sometimes one creates
a dynamic impression
by saying something,
and sometimes one creates
as significant an impression
by remaining silent

Dalai Lama